Cheap date ideas in Brisbane

Impress your date without opting for a high price tag.

Dating can be pricey. It often cuts a little deeper than you’d like into your budget for necessary things. So to save you from rationing these necessities, we’ve found seven date ideas that won’t leave your wallet feeling lighter.

Art exhibitions

Add a little culture to your dating life and visit a free art exhibition at GOMA or IMA. Don’t discount this option because you don’t consider yourself an art aficionado. Their exhibits are often a lot more fun and interactive than a traditional art gallery experience.

Have a picnic

Take advantage of the gorgeous parks in Brisbane and pack yourself up a personalised picnic basket with all your favourites. Choose homemade or store-bought items, though homemade is definitely the way to go to save some moolah. Just be sure to check the weather forecast before planning this one, so you’re not suddenly scrounging for ideas as the heavens open.

The Powerhouse

The Powerhouse has a whole host of different free performances from comedy to markets and art exhibitions. You’re sure to find something you’ll enjoy and since you didn’t have to pay for the entertainment, you might consider adding drinks and dessert from ‘Bar Alto’ in the powerhouse.


Looking at the stars has always been associated with romance so why not look at them up close at a planetarium. General entry is free but if you feel there’s a little more stretch to your budget, the shows in the cosmic sky dome are only $15.80 per person.

Putt Putt golf

If you don’t get too competitive a round of Putt Putt at Holey Moley provides the perfect sort of light, fun activity that still leaves ample time to chat and get to know one another. The best part is Holey Moley doubles as a cocktail bar, so to make things a little more interesting on the course you can have a tipple before you begin. At $16.50 per person it won’t break the budget.

Blue Room Cinebar

Enjoy a classic dinner and a movie in a different way at the Blue Room Cinebar. Your food is brought to you during the movie so you can enjoy your meal together while you watch the big screen. With the cost for adults starting at $17.50, it’s a gold class experience without the price tag.

Rock wall climbing

For the adventurous, a date at an indoor rock climbing centre can be a fun bonding experience. Be sure to check if your date has a fear of heights first or this date might not be so well received. Here’s a list of where to rock climb in Brisbane.