What to do with leftover tiles

If you have completed renovations around the house, you will probably have a few leftover tiles in a pile hanging around.

The following DIY projects are great for anyone with spare tiles. If not, pick out some of your favourite tiles from your local home improvement store and try these DIY projects on your weekend.

Tile coasters

Merriment Design’s project uses leftover Carrera marble tiles to create the perfect size coasters. Backing each tile with cut-to-size cork creates a stylish and clean look for your home. The contrast of the marble to the cork is incredibly appealing.

Visit Merriment Design for instructions on how to create Carrera Hexagon Tile Coasters.

Tiled tabletop

If you have many spare tiles, create a tiled tabletop for your outdoor area. Cover an outdoor table with plywood and place your tiles on top in your desired pattern, completely covering the tabletop. After applying mortar to the tabletop, place the tiles and leave the table to dry. Finally, add any finishes and a plywood border.

For more detailed instructions and images visit Seeking Lavender Lane.

Jewellery hanger

This project is lots of fun regardless of how many tiles you have leftover.

Paint a board the same colour as your tiles for a sleek and monochromatic look or give a room a pop of colour by opting for bright colours. Mount the tiles and add the hooks between your design. Finally, hang your jewellery after hooking the board to the wall.

The Blondielocks has instructions on how to complete this DIY task.

Tile a kitchen countertop

This DIY project is great if you have plenty of leftover tiles. A bonus of this tutorial is it does not require a tile saw. The instructions given on A Beautiful Mess will explain how to tile all sides of your kitchen island. This gives you the freedom to make this project as big or as little as you like.

Photo coasters

If your leftover tiles happen to be simple in design, decorate them with photos or patterned scrapbook pages. You may like to cover the entire tile with a photo printed the exact size, or slightly larger to cover the tile sides as well. This project is perfect for Mother’s Day or as presents for grandparents.

For detailed instructions visit Popsugar.

Before you start laying tiles, learn how the direction in which they are laid changes the perception of the size of a room.