Volunteer in your local community

There are so many ways you can give back and make a difference in your local community.

Giving up just a fraction of your own time to help volunteer in your local community is extremely beneficial for yourself, nonprofits and the community at large.

Benefits for volunteers

Volunteering gives you the opportunity to explore your own values, passions, and interests, while also giving you a chance to gain valuable work experience and new skills. You will create many new friendships and broaden your professional network.

Organisations can also introduce you to new social and cultural experiences. Studies also show volunteers also show better physical and mental health, putting them in a challenging and supportive environment.

Benefits for the community

Nonprofits and community groups provide services many members of the community rely on. Often these groups require the support of volunteers to continue running. With their help community groups can work to enhance and extend the work of a cause. This also includes spreading the word and increasing awareness of important issues.

Most importantly, volunteers and community groups improve the quality of life for so many of their clients and other recipients of their service.

Volunteer locations

If you have a strong passion for arts and culture the Queensland Art Gallery is an organisation supported strongly by volunteers. These roles often include work across the gallery such as guides and duties in the curatorial space. The State Library also requires volunteer assistant for projects requiring historical document transcription as well as guiding building tours for guests.

Community services provide minority or struggling groups with assistance. For example, Homeless Connect is always looking for volunteers to assist in a one-day event linking homeless people with vital services. The Australian Youth Mentoring Network strives to connect mentors with young people who may be struggling. A Justice of the Peace is also a volunteer-run service. A JP acts as objective witnesses and can assist with signing official or legal documents.

If you have a passion for the environment and conservation then there are a number of agencies for you to explore. Many park organisations are run by those who have a love for nature and conserving its beauty. There are other groups focussing on saving Australia’s threatened species, such as the flying-fox, koala management, as well as looking after project areas.

Emergency volunteering is essential and effects all Queenslanders. If you register with the Emergency Volunteering CREW you will be linked to organisations requiring volunteers before and after disasters strike. You can also volunteer with the Queensland Ambulance Service to support your local paramedics.

There are so many opportunities to volunteer in your local community. Here are more locations and organisations who can help find a community group perfect for you.

If you have a passion for helping others and travel combine the two in a volunteering holiday.