Unique Christmas tree ideas

Get creative this Christmas and retire the traditional plastic pine tree you have in storage.

If your tree is starting to look a little wilted and you just can’t seem to find that third foot for the base, here are a few unique and easy alternatives to try this Christmas.

Photo tree

Probably the most simple idea that can also double as a take-home gift, is the photo tree. Companys such as Tiny Prints can print acrylic backed photos that make stacking easy. Print photos from the current year or even ones from Christmases past to stack into the shape of a Christmas tree. You can even offer the prints as gifts to guests after the annual Christmas lunch.

Branch tree

Use real branches to offer a rustic take on the Christmas tree as a wall hanging or stacked up tree. Using sticks of varying lengths, stack in a cross formation and secure until it reaches a point or the height you want. Keep in mind you should trim the branches to length and sand back any rough edges where possible to avoid splinters. From here you can paint the tree, or simply hang ornaments and decorations as usual.

Bauble tree

Build your tree from the roof down with a simple, elegant bauble tree. Get inventive with colours, shapes and sizes of your ornaments, and hang from the roof with fishing line of varying lengths. The chandelier-like hanging should create the silhouette of a tree for the family to put their gifts under.

Pallet porch tree

Yet another fantastic use for old pallets is a pallet tree for your porch. Simply cut the pallet to shape, sand back any rough edges, and paint. Use the traditional green and red, or go with your choice of colour scheme and wrap in lights for a little festive touch.

Ladder tree

Make use of an old, or new, ladder for a funky industrial tree for your gifts. Hang baubles, pompoms, or any festive ornament you can find from the ladder’s steps or rails, leaving room to wrap fairy lights around the steps. For best results, use a trestle or step ladder with thin railings and steps.

Image sources: Katie Shelton and French Country Cottage.