Things to declutter from your home

With just a bit of effort, you can organise your home by decluttering.

Here are some tips to help you throw away those things you’ve been hanging onto, just in case they might come in handy one day.

If you have a drawer full of unopened, travel-sized shampoos and moisturisers you’ve collected during your travels, donate them to homeless and women’s shelters. Unless you are planning to take them on your next trip, get rid of them.

Worn out bedding and towels are always welcome at animal shelters or veterinarians. Animals often need to be bathed in these facilities, so the facilities need lots of towels and blankets.

Is your wardrobe full of spare hangers? They can take up lots of space. If your wardrobe is overflowing with metal ones from the dry cleaner, return them to the cleaners. They might even give you a discount on your next dry clean.

While you might think spices last forever, they don’t. There are manufacturing codes on the bottle packaging of store-bought spices, and most spice producers have an online feature where you can check the freshness of your specific container using the code. This will help you determine whether it’s time to throw out the contents and recycle the bottles. Only repurchase spices as you need them.

Do you have cookbooks taking up valuable shelf space but never being used? The only purpose most have is as a doorstop or to prop up the short leg of a coffee table. Copy the recipes you like and donate the books to your local library or second-hand bookstore.

When was the last time you wore that formal gown or high school tuxedo? Maybe it’s time to donate it to your high school theatre group. You can rent formal dress next time you go to a black tie event.

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