Why you should start the new year with a clean space

Make one of your first New Year resolutions to start the year with a sparkling clean home.

It doesn’t take long to get used to a cluttered home. You get busy with life and start to accept those items you pushed into a corner months ago. So start your new year with a clean home and feel liberated when you throw out or store the stuff you’ve been hoarding for the past year.

The obvious reason for a clean home is that it is a healthier home. Bacteria, mould and dust can cause everything from allergies to asthma. Regular cleaning sessions will significantly lower the potential for sickness, and create a healthier family overall.

A clean home also puts less stress on you when friends or family drop in. How often have you run around like crazy, cleaning your home in a rush because you were having guests? The stress is just not worth it. Just spend 15 minutes a day putting things away and cleaning surfaces and you’ll reduce the workload when you do a major clean.

One of the major causes of broken appliances is dirt. Clean your appliances after each use. You’ll avoid costly repair or replacement bills and the potential for not having an appliance work when you’re in the middle of cooking something special.

A rigorous cleaning routine will burn calories. Pushing a vacuum cleaner around, or scrubbing with intent, will get your heart rate up. It’s like a mini-workout at the gym.

Put items away once you’ve used them, rather than leaving them lying around. It doesn’t take long and they’ll be easy to find next time. You’ll feel happier when you’re organised and not feel guilty when you want to have some downtime to yourself.