Rid your yard of lawn grubs

After spending months getting your lawn into shape, it can be heartbreaking to discover that it has been overrun by lawn grubs.

Common garden pests during the warmer months, lawn grubs are the larvae of adult moths.

Signs that your yard is host to lawn grubs include brown or thinning patches of grass, and holes in leaf blades that look like they have been chewed. You can check for lawn grubs by either flooding your lawn with the hose or by pouring warm soapy water over it. After this, the lawn grubs will usually then climb to the surface.

To get rid of a lawn-grub infestation, you can spray your yard with a lawn pest control spray, which is available from most nurseries and garden centres. Make sure you spray in the evening, as sunlight can cause the chemicals in the insecticide to break down.

While spraying chemicals is one way to rid your yard of lawn grubs, some gardeners believe that this can disrupt the natural eco system of the soil. Instead, you could try using natural methods to evict lawn grubs.