Reuse your old bed sheets

Your old bed sheets will no longer sit in the cupboard collecting dust once you learn about these reuse methods.

Unfortunately, bed sheets don’t last forever. Once you replace your bed sheets you can be left with excess bed linen which just takes up space in your linen cupboard. This list will help you make use of these sheets or at least give you some inspiration for your own creative ideas.

Picnic blanket

Although a bed sheet won’t make the most durable picnic blanket it certainly does the job and is extremely easy to wash. They are also great for outdoor concerts and sporting events, they can fold up very easily and will also take up a small amount of space in your bag.

Car emergencies

A spare sheet can be extremely handy if you ever need to change a flat tyre. Simply spread the sheet out on the ground to keep yourself clean while you work.

Additionally, a sheet can prove to be very useful during unavoidable spills in the back seat when you don’t have any napkins handy.

Fort building

Keep the sheets handy for a rainy day when your kids can’t burn energy playing outside. The sheets are great for building a blanket fort or curtains for puppet shows.

Sleeping bag liner

Sleeping bag liners are thin fabric bags which give you an extra layer between yourself and the bed you are sleeping on. These are great for sleeping bags, hotels and hostels.

Simply fold the old bed sheet in half and sew along the long edge of the sheet as well as one of the shorter edges. This will create a small human sized pouch perfect for sleeping in.

Cleaning rags

By cutting up the old bed sheet into small squares you can use them as cleaning rags for those messes that normally stain a kitchen towel. Using an old bed sheet means you won’t be so worried if a mess stains the sheet, as you can simply throw it away afterwards.


If your bed sheets are still in a really good condition you can always donate them to a great cause like Lifeline, Salvos or Vinnies.

Give them to a pet

Provide your pet with an old bed sheet. Your dog or cat will love having something to cuddle up in during the cooler months. This is also great for anxious animals as the sheet will smell exactly like their favourite human – you.

If you are considering buying new bed linen view our article on how to find the best bed linen that suits you.