Retro decor makes a comeback

Designer wallpaper, faux fur rugs, and freestanding tubs, these are just some of the retro trends and accessories that are making a comeback on the interior design scene.

Here are some home trends worth revisiting in your own home.

Designer wallpaper

The colourful and bold prints of the 1950s, ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s are by definition retro, but they can make a modern style statement when used carefully in the home. Use these bold period patterns on an accent wall, in a bathroom, or in any area needing a colourful boost.

Freestanding baths

The clawfoot tub was a symbol of bathroom elegance back in the 1920s, and today is no different. Freestanding tubs have regained the spotlight as a luxurious upgrade, complete with custom finishes and a range of styles. You’ll need a bathroom with a bit of space, but their raised feet help keep a bathroom feeling open and airy and you’ll feel decadent relaxing in a sea of bubbles.

 Faux fur rugs

Sheepskin or faux-fur rugs never really went out of style after their rise in popularity during the 1970s, but lately they’ve become a must-have accessory. Their unparalleled softness, amazing texture and natural style offer a warm and cosy contrast to rustic hardwood floors.

Quality joinery

Chipboard and panel pins are a cheap solution for building cupboards and shelves, but nothing beats professionally crafted joinery for style and longevity. You can make either a classic or current statement in the kitchen. By varying your choice of wood, colour, stain, and hardware, there are plenty of ways to bring this style into a modern home.

Fifties fashion

From antique-looking wood-fired stoves to refrigerator doors and other appliances, the 1950s is rocking back into style. Plenty of vintage-style alternatives feature up-to-date functionality, and there are loads of colour choices, including buttercup yellow, cherry red, pink lemonade, and beach blue.

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