Protect your home from thieves

If you’re planning a trip away these school holidays, ensure your home isn’t a target for thieves.

The countdown is on to the school holidays, a time when many Queenslanders take advantage of the spring weather with a holiday away from home. Unfortunately, it’s also a prime time for home break-ins.

Avoid the heartbreak of losing your valuables to thieves by taking a few simple measures before you leave. Just a few minutes’ preparation can help avoid any nasty surprises when you return home from a family holiday.

Ensure all windows and doors are locked, and don’t post photos on social media telling everyone you’re away. Ask a friend or neighbour to regularly clear the mailbox to avoid a classic call-sign to thieves that no one is home. An overgrown lawn is also a giveaway, so arrange for the lawn to be mowed while you’re away to keep up appearances.

Another tactic is to invest in a cheap timer to set up your television, radio or lights to come on at night to give the impression someone is home.

RACQ has more great tips to make your house less attractive to thieves.