Prevent your hose from kinking

Finding twists and kinks in your garden hose is a common problem that can be easily avoided.

Kinking hoses can be frustrating, especially when they stop the flow of water from getting to your garden or driveway. Hoses most commonly kink because they have been rolled or coiled tightly, or looped up when stored. Sometimes, purchasing a heavy duty reinforced hose, made from durable materials such as a strong rubber (as opposed to vinyl) can help prevent kinks from appearing. However, even the most durable hoses can become kinked when stored incorrectly.

Kinks can lead to cracks and leaks, which can eventually cause the hose to blow apart from your tap fitting, so it’s a good idea to consider the way you store your garden hose. To prevent a hose from kinking, try to keep the hose straight while it’s not in use. You can keep it straight by laying it in line with your home or a garden patch, safely away from where people will be walking, or by installing hooks that you can drape the hose over. If you do line your home, be sure to move the hose before doing any mowing.

If you’d like to make your gardening habits more eco-friendly, Road Ahead has a number of simple tips you could implement.