Plan your best Australia Day party ever

Plan your party to make the most of the celebrations.

If you’re having friends over to celebrate Australia Day there are a few things you’ll need to do to make the party a success.

Firstly, mow your lawn. Your guests will appreciate a neat lawn, even more so if you mow a cricket pitch into the lawn as you go. Clean your BBQ as well and check the gas bottle is full and you have matches handy. Then you need a large flag hung high, or possibly lots of small flags spread around the yard to create a patriotic atmosphere.

If you have a pool or are going to the beach to cool off, make sure you have a stock of oversize inflatable toys. Your guests can use them for a relaxing float with a drink in their hand, or in a race along the length of the pool. At least one of the floaties must be a crocodile or kangaroo to add to the Aussie flavour.

A dress code helps add to the atmosphere. Standards include: Aussie flag tattoos, thongs, Aussie singlet, wide-brimmed hat, green and gold zinc, stubby holders and shorts.

Outdoor group games keep everyone involved. Backyard cricket is the obvious game, but you could also create a slip n slide, have a thong tossing competition, three-legged race while carrying drinks, or even an egg n spoon race. If you hard boil the eggs you can add them to the salad later.

Essential food on the day includes prawns, oysters, pies, sausage rolls, sausages on the BBQ and possibly some lamb too. Lamingtons, watermelon and pavlova are great for dessert or as snacks throughout the day.

Of course, you’ll need something cold to drink and plenty of ice to keep the drinks chilled all day. Beer is an obvious drink, but you have flexibility here based on your guest’s preferences.

Create an Aussie music playlist so you can dance and sing all day and night too.