The places around your home that need a wipe down

These places are much dirtier than you imagine and may be helping spread bacteria this flu season.

While you may be admiring a spotless kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, it is likely you may be overlooking some really important places. Although some of these objects may seem insignificant, they are often home to bacteria and other nasties. No matter how “clean” these areas look, they almost always need a wipe down.


Your walls may not necessarily be breeding grounds for bacteria, they are almost always in need of a wipe down. Scuff marks, dirty handprints, not to mention food splashes in the kitchen are covering the walls.

You can easily clean walls by combining sugar soap and warm water. Depending on how big your house is, cleaning all your walls can take a while. Aim to complete a full clean at least once a year and complete spot jobs when needed, at least once a month.

Light switches

When you clean the walls you will notice how dirty your light switches are. Just think about how many time you use those switches daily. These switches and door handles can be routinely cleaned with a simple spray and wipe during your weekly clean.

Kitchen bin

This should come as no surprise but your main bin will be one of dirtiest objects in the house, yet it is rarely cleaned. Even if you use a bin bag to separate your rubbish and the outer lining, a thorough clean should be done often.

Take the bin outside and rinse both sides of the bin. Then scrub the bin using a long-handled brush and soap. Rinse the soap and suds away and leave to dry in the sun. If you have a smelly bin, pop a handful of ground coffee or bicarb soda in the bottom to help rid it of any unpleasant smells.

Window frames

If you or your kids have allergies, you should ideally wipe down your window frames at least once a month. These spaces easily fill with dust and grime all year round and the more regularly you clean them, the easier the task becomes.

Gaming remotes

Similar to light switches, your tv remotes and game controllers are used daily. Use an antibacterial cloth or alcohol wiper every week to help keep germs at bay.


You use your toothbrush multiple times a day, yet we only ever rinse it with water. Bathrooms aren’t the cleanest place on the best of days. Show your toothbrush a bit of love by giving it a good clean.

Rinse the brush with boiling water at least once a week and leave to soak in hydrogen peroxide for a few hours. Once again rinse with boiling water and then leave to dry.

Fan blades

During the cooler months, it is unlikely you will be using your ceiling fan as often. Take this opportunity to observe how much dust is accumulating on the blades. Spoiler alert: it’s a lot. Use a moist cloth and wipe down the blades carefully once a month.

Although cleaning can seem boring and tiresome, you can turn it into a fun activity your kids may even enjoy.