Organise your garden tools

If your garden tools are stored like the items in the second drawer in most kitchens, it might be time to get them organised,

Unless you’re a real green thumb who spends regular time in the garden and knows where each garden tool is stored, your tools probably have a way of disappearing in the shed, under the house or somewhere in the garage. Here are some tips to help you organise your tools for easy use whenever you need them.

When deciding on the best place to store your tools, make sure they’re easy to access, but also secure and out of harm’s way. If using the garage, consider how much room you need to open the car door or unload groceries. You don’t want to risk your safety negotiating a path obstructed by rakes and edge trimmers. Ensure you have good lighting no matter where you store your tools. It can be dangerous groping in the dark when there are sharp and heavy instruments all around you.

Use walls as much as possible. A pegboard allows you to easily store and retrieve different shaped hand tools. You can even colour sections for different types of tools, or go retro and draw an outline of the shape of each tool, for easy storage.

Shelves are also good for storing hand tools, gloves, potting paraphernalia, sealed containers of nuts, bolts, tapes and other small items. It’s best to hang any long-handled tools, such as rakes, shovels and spades, using racks especially designed for the job. Your local hardware store can advise on the type to suit your garage or shed.

If wall storage is out of the question, use the corner of your garage or shed and fit a Rubbermaid Corner Tool Tower. It holds up to 30 tools and has a large base for greater stability. It can be anchored to a wall for additional stability.

Keep sharp items locked away or above the reach of young children and make sure nothing heavy can be pulled down from overhead onto an inquisitive child’s head.