Take the new year cleaning challenge

There’s nothing like a clean house to match the metaphorical clean slate of the new year.

First things first, you need to break your house into segments such as entryway, living room, and bathroom. Tackle one segment every weekend.

Make a plan

Plan how you want to clean each area. This challenge is designed for intensive cleaning so think about doing things such as deep cleaning carpet, sweeping under furniture, and decluttering cupboards. For more on organising, check out our guide to decluttering your home.

Write down everything you want to get done in small steps. For example: clear bench and disinfect. Don’t move to the next segment until it’s all done, even if it takes more than one cleaning session.


Even if you live alone delegation can be necessary. Depending on your budget you might opt to hire someone to lighten your load, for example, to help you organise, have clothes dry cleaned, or carpets professionally deep cleaned.

Keep it neat

It is also important to maintain the areas that have already been cleaned. This can be done easily by allocating some time each weekend to do general surface cleaning, sweeping, wiping down benches, taking out the garbage etc.

The most important thing is to see the challenge through, which means you must set a pace and schedule which works for you. Here are some more handy hints to ensure you’re cleaning properly.