Need help picking a baby name? A new app is here to help

Settling on a name that both you and your partner agree on, particularly an unusual name, is much harder than many anticipate.

This new tinder-like app is making the process much easier for expecting parents. Called ScheduledBabyname“, the app adopts a tinder-style program which allows expecting parents to pick possible baby names without having to filter through books and online lists of names.

It connects you and your partner’s devices together and during your own time you are able to swipe through possible names, their meanings and origins.

Similar to Tinder, when two people – in this case, you and your partner – both ‘swipe right’ on a baby name you like, your partner will be alerted that you have found a match. The app will keep track of all the matches, allowing you to filter back through with your partner to discuss which names you both really love.

As the app allows you to explore baby names in your own time, it can come as a pleasant surprise when you find a name which you both love.

In a world filled with millions of names, it can be very overwhelming when it comes to picking preferred names. Babyname is a great way to narrow the field.
Watch the app in action below:

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