Maximise light in your home

Even if your home doesn’t have a north-easterly aspect you can still create light-filled spaces.

There are a number of techniques you can use to capture the northerly sun and ensure your home is bathed in light. Here are some tips for you to try.

If your front door opens northward, consider creating a private outdoor space at the entrance. You can fence off the area to your boundary and add a secure entrance gate. This lets you open your front door(s) to the north-facing light and gives you another space in which to relax.

Alternatively, if you have space down the side of your home enclose it with roofing material that allows light through, but keeps the rain out. You can then create an alfresco dining space that opens from a lounge room.

Although not a cheap option, raking the roofline to incorporate clerestory windows along one or more walls is a great way to let light in all day long. These small windows are installed between the top of the wall and the roofline. If they are oriented towards the north and north-east they will capture light which can then be directed to any part of your home.

If there are no options to open up the north side of your home, consider increasing the size of your south-facing windows, albeit with glazing to help keep out the cold. You can either replace a wall with a larger glass panel, or rake the ceiling.

While trees on the north side of your home provide valuable shade in summer, trimming them so they don’t permanently shade your windows will help improve the light indoors.

A lighter colour scheme on walls and furniture in your main rooms will help reflect light more throughout your home and create a brighter atmosphere.