Make the most of your to-do list

Here are some ways to ensure the important things on your to-do list actually get done.

Anyone can write a to-do list. Simply write down the things you want to do that day. Unfortunately, as easy as writing a to-do list is, actually ticking items off the list can be slightly more complicated. Here are some ways you can ensure you are making the most of your to-do list.

Step 1

Start by writing down everything you want to get done that day, but be realistic about your aims. A typical number of things is 8 to 10 items, but it really depends on your schedule. The items might include anything from sending an email, to paying bills or doing laundry.

Step 2

Group together the things that can be done at a similar time. For example, things you need to do on the computer will be one group, while things requiring you to drive places are another.

Step 3

Prioritise the items on your list. If you have eight items, number them from one to eight in order of what is most important. This will help you decide which items you need to complete first.

Step 4

If you don’t get everything on the list done that day, try completing the remaining tasks the following day, before you start on that day’s list. This keeps you on top of things and ensures nothing is forgotten.

By ordering and prioritising your to-do list, you will find you are much more successful in completing the listed tasks. It may seem over the top, but there is no point in having a to-do list if none of the important things ever get done. By following these instructions you can be sure they will.