Make sure your guest room has these essentials

Whether you have unexpected or planned guests, your guest room should provide a comfortable resting place for visitors.

Here are some essentials to provide guests when they stay over.

Toiletry basket

Toiletries are often forgotten by people when they travel. And nobody likes to drive to the late night chemist, particularly if they’ve had a couple of welcome drinks, to go shopping. Make it easier on both yourself and your guests by providing a basket of common, travel-size toiletries.


A bedside bowl of sweet and savoury snacks is always welcome. It also saves guests wandering to the kitchen late at night trying not to disturb the household.

Wi-fi password

Write down your home wi-fi password so guests don’t have to keep asking you for it every time they try to log on to their phone or computer.

Reading materials

Provide a stock of reading materials by the bed, such as magazines and the day’s newspaper, so guests have something to read before the go to bed, or in case you have to get busy and cannot attend to them for a while.

Extra pillows and blankets

You’re better to have too many than not enough, as you don’t want your guests to go cold or feel embarrassed about asking for another blanket. Your guests can then customise their bed to suit as well.