Five ways to give your kids healthy habits at home

Children’s health education charity, Life Education, join with Yates to offer $15,000 grants to create garden spaces for kids.

Busy lifestyles combined with the added temptation of screen time and social media can make it hard for parents to get their children outside and active. This has made Life Education’s mission to empower children to develop healthy habits even more important. For the past 40 years, Life Education has visited schools across Australia to educate children about developing healthy lifestyles and avoiding bad habits.

As part of its education program, Life Education has teamed up with Yates to help parents and schools encourage young people to become active and healthy. Together they have launched a Growing Good Gardens Grant, offering $15,000 worth of grants to create garden spaces for kids.

Yates Horticulture Consultant, Angie Thomas, is a busy mum of two boys and understands how difficult it is to get kids away from technology. Here she shares her top tips for using the garden (however big or small) to create some habits of a lifetime:

Plant a veggie garden

When kids are included in the sowing, growing and harvesting of their own veggies, they’re more likely to eat them come dinner time. You’ll find they even want to eat the ones the have grown or picked themselves.

Use the garden to create an insect safari

Head outdoors with the kids armed with a pen, paper and magnifying glass to learn about all walks of life and hone their observation skills by uncovering the secret lives of bugs.

Make mud pies

Getting your hands dirty in the garden has been scientifically proven to increase serotonin levels through contact with soil and specific soil bacteria. And there isn’t a kid on the planet who doesn’t love making mud pies. Just be careful they don’t throw them at each other.

Plant herb pots

Setting our kids’ minds to a gardening task, such as planting herbs in pots, helps develop their ability to focus and live in the moment. It also helps them learn to collaborate if they do it together.

Apply for a garden grant by 15 June

Encourage your school or community group to apply for one of the Growing Good Garden Grants to help get kids outside and learning healthy habits.

To apply for the Yates and Life Education’s Growing Good Gardens Grants 2018, teachers and parents can complete the application form on Life Education Australia’s website –  Applications close 15 June, 2018.