How to find extra storage space around the house

No matter how much we declutter, we always seem to acquire more 'things' that need to be stored.

Storage is always at a premium regardless of the size of your home. You only have to look at the growth in off-site storage facilities to see how so many of us have more things than space at home.

Here are some tips to help you find a bit more storage for those everyday items:

Most bathrooms can use some extra shelves and the obvious place is above the door. You can store surplus towels, toilet paper, cleaning items and more. You might need to keep a small step ladder for access and even it can be hung on a hook behind a door. You can also add a shelf above a vanity basin or, depending on the type of basin, below it. You can find more tips for bathroom storage here.

Fixing a wire basket underneath a desk to store cables, back-up discs and other IT items that tend to clutter desktops will clear some space in your home office. Adding extra drawers inside your cabinets will maximise storage space and make it a lot easier to find small items.

In your kitchen, hang appliance attachments, ladles, larger utensils, measuring spoons and other cooking gadgets inside doors or overhead on a wall rack. This makes them easier to get to and reduces the risk of drawers jamming due to overcrowding.

Underneath stairs is a good place to create shelving to store rarely-used items, party goods, photo albums, books and the like. Wardrobes often have large unused spaces between shelves. You can add extra shelves or store linen, towels, doonas and items you normally store in your linen cupboard. This means bedding is closer to where you need it and frees the linen cupboard for other items.

For those with lots of shoes, here are some clever ideas for storing them.