Easy ways to be romantic without breaking the bank

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner; make the day special for your partner without having to break the bank.

The card

One of the easiest ways to saving some pennies is by boycotting card shops completely. Making your own card is cheap, personal and far more romantic than any generic card can offer. Luckily you do not need to be artistic, you can create a card from a college, a funny photo shopped image or a simple note.

You can fill your card with anything from a poem, a favourite quote, or even a reference to an inside-joke for an intimate touch.

Buying a present

If you and your partner decide to buy presents you may like to allocate an expected price bracket to help avoid any awkwardness. Otherwise, for the more sentimental couple fill a photo book with your favourite memories, or handpick a collection of their (or your) favourite poetry.

If you are more musically inclined, you may prefer to compose a melody or serenade your partner. If you are more literary you may prefer to write a verse or a message.


Show your date how much of a whizz you can be in the kitchen by cooking up a storm. For those who are slightly more inexperienced, check out food websites which provide recipes for delicious dishes with simple steps.

If all else fails, remember to laugh your mistakes off and take a trip to your local Chinese takeaway shop.

Creating ambience

Candles and incense are an effective and often cheap way to create a romantic environment. If you don’t have time to visit the shops you can always utilise a carefully crafted playlist of romantic music. Add this to a clean house, well-presented table with a single rose in the middle and your romantic ambience is ready to go.

Little touches

It is often the smallest and most personal gestures which leave an impression on your partner. These gestures could include secret romantic notes or even a small chocolate hearts placed somewhere thoughtful.

The possibilities are endless and are dependent on the budget you want to set. You could match an expensive restaurant meal with a homemade gift. You do not have to be restricted to a special day (such as Valentine’s Day) to shower your significant other with affection. Remember quality time with a person that you love is sometimes the best gift of all.

If you want to organise a romantic night in, sit back and cosy up while you watch some of the best romantic movies.