Easy outdoor entertaining this summer

Now that summer’s here you might be looking for ways to make outdoor entertaining more fun.

Preparation is key to the success of any party, whether it’s a family dinner or a large group of friends. Here are some ideas to help make summer entertaining more fun for you and your guests. For more entertaining inspiration, check out these ideas for entertaining effortlessly.

Assuming there are no fire bans, you can create some spark with a fire pit, either as a temporary party addition or a permanent structure within your yard. People love gathering around a fire to stare into the flames or share stories and the fire pit makes a great focal point for any gathering. Here’s how to build your own fire pit.

Bean bags are the easiest way to create a more social garden. Kids and adults alike enjoy their comfort. They deliver instant seating and weather-proof versions can be thrown down anywhere. They’re a fast, fun way to revamp your outdoor furniture and their mobility makes it easy to change up the layout as often as you like.

An increasingly popular twist on the Aussie BBQ is the outdoor pizza oven. You can build one yourself, or buy one from major hardware stores or a specialist distributor. Make sure it is located in a protected spot, so kids don’t burn themselves on the external wall. Encourage your guests to make their own pizza and even run a competition for the best recipe.

A slightly more extreme option, if you have the yard space, is to convert a small caravan into a pop-up bar or kitchen. Install a serving section in the side and serve drinks or food from the van. Encourage guests to take turns as servers. They’ll have fun working in the van while serving the other guests and it takes some of the workload off you as hosts.

Create a mini-golf course, or even a single hole. Your guests don’t need any skills to play and the turf doesn’t need to be bowling-green smooth, as the rough surface adds to the fun. You can have individual or team competitions and even offer a prize or two.