Easy and cheap outdoor upgrades

Why not spend some time this summer upgrading your outdoor entertainment area and garden?

The nice thing about working on your yard or entertaining area is that you feel a sense of accomplishment when you’re finished. You can see the difference and others notice it as well. Here are some tips for some quick and easy upgrades you can do on a weekend.

Create a simple vertical garden using lightweight steel shelving, some coloured pots and plants. Erect the shelving against a wall or fence. Get some cheap, coloured pots or paint some terracotta ones in your favourite colours. Then add some herbs or succulents to complete the garden.

Colour a space with some Sommar rugs, designed specifically for the outdoors. These rugs are made to withstand rain, sun, snow and dirt and come in loads of colours. You can match them with outdoor cushions that come in all shapes, sizes and colours too.

Rather than build a pergola, get yourself a large portable umbrella that can provide shade and be moved around the yard to follow the sun.

If your dining set is looking a bit tired, you can sand it back, then repaint or oil it. Add some colour with new seat cushions or simply buy a new setting. There are so many options today in raw or painted timber or different grades and colours of plastic.

You can also add to the evening mood with some new lighting. Hang an LED chain, install hanging lanterns in trees or from rafters, or place solar-powered ground lights around garden borders.