How to ditch paper towels from your home

Instead throwing your paper towels in the bin, throw them out of your home completely.

For a long time, paper-towels have seemed a necessity in the modern kitchen. However, there are those that have banished the paper-towel from their homes, aiming to reduce their contribution to waste, cost, and environmental footprint.

What some don’t know is that the readily available paper-towel uses up trees, adds tons of waste to landfills, and can be bleached with chemicals. Approximately 51,000 trees per day are cut down and used to produce paper-towels, which once used and disposed of add 254 tons of waste to landfills.

To help ease the transition and gradually eliminate paper-towel in your home, the following alternatives are suggested:

  • Use rags for every day clean up – whether it is an old blouse, t-shirt, or, tea towel rags are perfect for cleaning up everyday spills and can be washed over and over for reuse. When these rags get too old to use, hold onto them to use for one off messes that you need to dispose of immediately.
  • Microfibre cloths – these cloths are perfect for those areas where you don’t want to leave any marks, streaks, or lint behind. They are machine washable, quick drying, and can be used over and over without the need for any detergent or soaps.
  • Replace paper with cloth napkins or serviettes – for sit down dinners cloth napkins are a classy and clean alternative to the paper napkin and can be collected over time. Although it may seem costly at first, it is an investment. They can usually be found at op-shops and in the clearance bins of homeware stores.
  • Old bath towels – for the bigger spills in the kitchen (or bathroom) having old bath towels on hand is a tremendous help for large messes.

For those worrying about finding an alternative to soaking up the grease from fried or fatty foods, try placing them on a used paper bag or oven cooking on a cooling rack to get rid of excess fats.

The key to success is making sure these paper-free alternatives are kept in convenient places, and you have enough for foreseeable messes.