Decorating with tropical plants

Green house plants add charming accents while the relaxing green leaves add colour to modern decorating.

Green house plants are attractive and cheap decorations that can brighten up even the most modest rooms. They add a more eco-friendly atmosphere to your home and have a calming influence on the space they occupy.

Here are some tips to consider when using indoor plants for decoration or as room features.

Try to match the colours of your house plant pots and flowers pots with interior design colours and your room decor, such as the walls, curtains and furniture upholstery.

Green plants look good on bright backgrounds, such as light yellow or white kitchen cabinets and walls. Dark brown, green and black colours also work well too.

Position tall house plants near plain walls. Small patterns on wallpaper or curtain fabric look great when offset with small green leaves.

Tall green plants look better in spacious kitchen interiors, especially if they are positioned apart from the rest of the furnishings.

Plants can be used as dividers between rooms to create separate space without limiting the natural light too much. They also fill a corner well, when it’s difficult to hang art or other features in the corner.

Small plants, like young succulents arranged in a group, add interest to their display, as well as the room. Standing alone, a small plant is less effective in creating impressive modern decor.

Make sure you understand how often you need to water your plants, as well as when/if they flower and what maintenance the plants need in terms of trimming leaves, fertiliser, repotting and the like.