Current design trends of 2018

If you’re considering a room makeover this coming spring there are plenty of popular trends to consider.

Authentic and sustainable are two words you’ll hear more frequently to describe homewares — think handcrafted woven wall hangings, hand-blocked prints and furniture that doesn’t look mass-produced. Berry Jam Sweet Living is just one of many new stores focusing on sustainable furniture and homewares, sourced from around the world.

Handmade, hand-blocked, hand-drawn items, particularly if they have a tribal or exotic pattern, are popular. Soft furnishings like puffy sofas and linen bean bags with a sense of pliability are the style to look for when you browse or go shopping.

Tactile handle treatments that add personality to a door are key to creating character in a room. Large contrasting timber knobs or long vertical handles with a recessed area for grip, really draw the eye.

Indigenous art made from dyed Pandanus is becoming popular. Try a circular mat that can be hung on a feature wall, or woven baskets to sit on a sideboard piled with fresh fruit, or stacked with magazines.

Succulents of all shapes and sizes can be placed in any room. They don’t need much water or maintenance and can be displayed either in individual pots, or you can plant different types of succulents in one large pot or stacked planter.

Timber is returning too, but only if it is recycled or from a sustainable source. Timber growers now barcode their stock, so you can track planks back to a single tree on a plantation. Floors, tables, kitchen cupboards or sideboards, particularly darker shades, create a more natural look in homes.