Creative Easter egg hunt ideas

Add some fun to your kid’s Easter egg hunt this year and make it one to remember.

If you have young kids, you’ll know how much they look forward to Easter. Here are some ideas to make your Easter egg hunt lots of fun for you and your kids.

Create evidence the Easter Bunny has visited your home and set up the Easter egg hunt. Grate some carrot, create footprints or bunny tracks in the backyard and even leave written notes to your kids from the Easter bunny.

Add a competitive edge to the Easter egg hunt. Announce a special prize, such as a golden egg, comes with a bonus when found. Either the egg itself can be extra large, or you can package it with other smaller eggs or prizes, such as a gold coin.

Get your kids to make bunny ears, masks or baskets to carry the eggs in, before they start the hunt. They don’t have to be expensive. Simply use craft tools such as cardboard, paper plates, crayons and tape.

Set up a collection station, so the kids can return to it and leave their eggs, maybe grab a drink of water and then set off on the hunt again. It can be as simple as a table, or some cushions they sit on.

Turn the hunt into more of a scavenger hunt. The kids have to collect different coloured eggs, plus a twig, leaf, feather or other garden items.

Add other games such as egg and spoon race or an egg toss, using real eggs. It can get sticky, but it’s loads of fun for both adults and the little ones.

Make sure you check your yard for any dangers like sharp or heavy objects. Don’t hide eggs near a spider web, in drains, or too high up. You don’t want any injuries from falling while trying to reach an egg.

Keep a map of where you’ve hidden the eggs, just in case a young one doesn’t find any. You don’t want anyone to feel left out or disappointed they didn’t get any chocolate goodies.