Create a portable home office

If you occasionally work from home using a laptop, you can create a mobile office to give you freedom to work anywhere around your home.

If you’re considering creating a portable office so you can work around your home, first itemise what you need to use on a daily basis. The more stationery items you need the less mobile you’ll become. Once you’ve itemised them, work out the best way to store and retrieve the items.

Your laptop should be stored in a computer bag that also stores your mobile phone, USB, pens, mouse, mouse-mat and a spare battery, earbuds or microphone if necessary. Buy a sturdy box to hold stationery, a notebook, a reading lamp, files, backup computer storage hard drive and other items you need to access daily.

Alternatively, you can create a stationery cupboard where you store all your items, including a charging station for your mobile phone, laptop or tablet computer. At the end of each day you can store your “office” in one place. It could even include an in-tray for mail, an out-tray for filing and possibly one for bills to be paid, assuming you still use paper for bill payments.

Make sure your wi-fi works in each room if you plan to work online. Invest in a good quality office chair with wheels, so you can move it around to each location. Don’t get into the habit of lying on a couch to use your laptop, as it’s not good for your posture. Consider installing a stand-up desk in one location so you can work standing up, rather than sitting down all day. Remember to stretch, take regular breaks and do some simple exercises like these.