Coffee machine buying guide

A coffee machine exists for every taste.

Australia is known for having one of the world’s best coffee cultures and many of us look forward to the time of day when we can enjoy a brew. While there are plenty of talented baristas at local cafes who make a great cup of coffee every time, how can you replicate it at home? Well, it depends on the type of coffee machine you have. Here’s a guide to the most popular types:

  • Pod: This is the simplest means of making a coffee and is great for people who want a quick, no-fuss and no-mess way to brew their espresso in the morning. Once you put the pod or capsule into the machine, hot water flows through it to create your espresso shot.
  • Automatic espresso: Another easy option, these machines will grind your beans for you and then brew them into a shot. Some models will also steam your milk at the same time and deliver it all to your cup. If you are passionate about the nuances of your coffee, however, this type of machine doesn’t really allow you much opportunity to adjust the way it’s made.
  • Manual espresso: The best choice for coffee purists, manual espresso machines feature all sorts of settings that let you tailor your coffee to your particular taste. It’s also the closest machine to the one that the baristas use in cafes. The only downside is that these types of machines can be difficult for beginners with no coffee-making experience.

If you’d prefer some cheaper options to buying a machine, there are several other ways to make a great cup of coffee.