A cheap DIY firepit for awesome outdoor entertaining

Sitting around a fire is no longer exclusively the privilege of those who go camping.

Firepits come in many shapes and sizes and can be a major feature of your backyard landscape. For safety reasons, you obviously need to locate them at least 10 metres from your home or yard sheds, but you don’t have to spend a fortune building one.

Simply clear the ground in the space where you want to locate the pit. Use standard beveled retaining wall blocks as the foundation of the pit. You can leave raw earth, or place flat rocks, paving stones or pebbles as the base for the pit. Use a fire ring as the central piece around which you place your blocks. The ring can be made of cast or corrugated iron.

Layer three or four levels of blocks depending on size. You can use a cement render to seal your blocks, or just to seal the top layer, before placing the fire ring.

Surround your fire pit with pebbles or pavers that run to the grass line. In a matter of hours you have a functional and safe fire pit that just needs wood and a match to enjoy.