The Biome Bee House – a home for native bees

The Biome Bee House provides a safe environment for native bees to establish their home and it looks lovely in your garden.

Tracy Bailey, Founder of Biome Eco Stores originally came up with the idea for the Biome Bee House after doing some research and discovering she could not source a bee house that was durable, environmentally friendly and nontoxic for native bees.

Ms Bailey recruited the help of Trent Cooper from Trent’s Timber to build the Bee Houses using sustainably rescued native timber and weed bamboo cleared from Brisbane’s creeks.

The houses were then complemented with an illustration by local artist Ingrid Bartkowiak.

Most native bees are solitary and raise their young in hollows and tiny nooks. “The Biome Bee House provides a perfect place for native bees to nest and be protected from the harsh elements or other predators,” explained Tracy Bailey.

Over the years, native bees have co-evolved with Australia’s native flora resulting in a large number of species relying solely on native bees for cross pollination. There are over 1500 varieties of native bees which are fragile and have suffered greatly from urban deforestation.

According to Tracy Bailey, “We can protect Australia’s future bionetwork by providing a safe place for native bees to live and by planting specific plants to attract them to our gardens.”

Biome Bee Houses retail for $60.00 and are available from Biome Eco Stores both online and instore. For more information or to view Biome Eco Stores’ range, visit their website.