Is your backyard renovation overdue?

Maybe it’s time to renovate your backyard to make it more useful for your family and guests.

There are many different signs indicating your backyard is overdue for an upgrade or renovation, with some being more obvious than others. Don’t wait until it’s too late, as the longer you leave it the bigger and more costly the renovation will be. Here are some signs to look out for.

Outdated or tired

When you look out over your backyard and find it looks a lot like a horrific “before” photo in a renovation advertisement, you may have to consider renovating. Look at your yard as a new home buyer does.

What could you change to improve its appearance? Do you have shrubs that have overgrown their space, leaf litter piling up, weeds running wild or maybe an ant city occupying prime real estate?

If your fence is looking brittle or has rotted or warped, you may have to chat with your neighbour and invest in a new one. If your pathways are overgrown, cracked, uneven or mossy it might be time to clean them up or put in new pathways.

Entertaining space

If you love having guests over and spending time with friends, however, you find yourself indoors, this might be a sign you need to renovate your outdoor entertaining area.

Look at your outdoor setup. Is the furniture weathered, or seen better days? Is the BBQ rusted or not fully functional? Are there leaks in the overhead cover? Are spiders having a field day with their webs?

Take a fresh look at your entertaining area and decide what needs to be done to make it more appealing. You’ll find once you upgrade it you’ll be using it more and more for family meals as well as entertaining.

Covered space

If you don’t have any sun protection in your yard, you won’t be able to enjoy the outdoor space. Consider investing in a covered area, even a shade screen you can retract according to the weather. There are also lots of lightweight materials you can use to create a cabana or portable covered space.

Spending summer indoors

If you’re spending your summer indoors because you cannot use your backyard, it’s time to reconsider your outdoor space. You’ll relax much more if you can escape to the backyard and the fresh air.

Noisy house

If your house is often noisy and crowded you can grant yourself more peace and room to stretch yourself, by making improvements to your backyard. Or create a space you can send the kids to outside, so you can enjoy the relative peace of your indoors.


If you are finding that your house is starting to become cluttered with items that could be placed in storage, or your backyard looks like a stampede has just run through it may be time to build a storage shed in your yard.

Unused space

You may have a medium to large size yard, yet there may be nothing utilising the space. Unless you have a child who loves running around in an empty yard there won’t be much enticing you to go outdoors. Install a fire pit, a covered entertainment or BBQ area for cooking.