Five helpful hints to consider when buying a mattress

Find your comfortable

Time for a new mattress? Don’t lose sleep over it. Read on for some helpful hints.

Tip one – One size doesn’t fit all

We all crave comfortable in our own unique way.  When it comes to mattresses, why would one mattress feel the same for a 130kg person as it would for a 55kg featherweight? The simple answer is, it wouldn’t.

When each of us have different sleeping positions, varied weights and builds, potentially different sleeping and health issues, the idea that one mattress can be designed to fit everyone doesn’t really make sense. How could 25 cm of foam feel the same with different weights and pressures applied?

Before buying into this, consider your unique differences… what makes you you?

Tip two – Think about what makes you different

Not only are we differentiated by our physical traits, we also have different preferences in the way we sleep that may influence the type of mattress, pillow profile or type of bedding we will prefer.

Once you’ve determined which style of sleeper you are (generally done by noting what position you fall asleep and wake up in) and what level of comfort you prefer (from firm to plush) then you may be able to use this info in your search for the right mattress. It’s highly likely too, that your preferences will differ to those of your partner. Luckily, an offering like the SleepTailor® mattress range offers a thoughtful approach to how we sleep and how we share our beds. Unique spliced comfort layer technology allows each of you to choose a level of comfort from firm, medium and plush, so you can share a bed, even if you don’t share a preference for the way you sleep.

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