15-minute home organising tasks to do today

Invest a quick quarter hour to get your home more organised.

Take a step back and look at your home. Can you see too many disorganised areas with a lot of unnecessary stuff is lying around?

In just 15 minutes a week, these simple tasks will make your home much tidier, plus you’ll feel organised too.

Throw out old food from your refrigerator

This is not about cleaning your fridge, though you can do that too. It’s about getting rid of those old leftovers you’re not going to eat and making space within your fridge.

  • Go through each shelf as well as the freezer and toss out anything that’s old, expired or so small of a portion, nobody is going to eat it.
  • Organise your shelves with common food groups, combine half-used packets of the same foods.
  • Trim vegetables of excess leaves or stems to free up space.

Sort out your spices

If your spice jars all over the place, take a few minutes to get them in order.

  • Place the label at the front, so you aren’t constantly turning spice jars around to see what’s inside.
  • Combine duplicate spices or dispose of the smaller jar.
  • If you have a spice rack, complete the set by adding spices that aren’t already in your rack.

Coordinate your bookshelves

Do you have shelves piled with books, some on their sides and others upright? Take a minute to develop a system and sort your books accordingly, then keep putting your books back in their proper place.

Clean up your medicine cabinet

Are your headache tablets mixed in with your Band-Aids, sun lotion and heat-rub tubes? It’s time to do a full clean-up of your medicine cabinet and put some order back into it. You’ll probably find you have multiple tubes, packets and jars of the same products, all half used, or even past their use-by date. It also makes sense to have everything in order, as you don’t want to be wasting time searching for specific items in an emergency.