Vegetarian substitutes for Christmas classics

Christmas is probably the hardest time of the year to be true to your vegetarian diet. Here’s a list of tasty vegetarian recipes that are so good, even your non-vegan friends and family members will be impressed.

If you are a vegetarian, or you are expecting vegetarian guests this festive season, here are some delicious substitutes for Christmas classics that are good enough to satisfy both vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.

Nut roast

Substitute a classic Christmas roast beef, or chicken for a delicious nut roast. It might not sound like much but this Jamie Oliver nut roast recipe will have even the most committed meat eaters drooling. It’s full of spicy flavour and it’s not too difficult to make.

Almond cheese

Who doesn’t love tucking into a cheese platter over a glass of champagne with friends at Christmas? If you’re a vegan there is no need to miss out this Christmas thanks to this delicious vegan cheese recipe. This recipe is very simple, made up of only four ingredients. It is also flexible and allows for the vegan cheese to be dressed up and served in a multitude of ways. Serve it to your non-vegan friends and see if they notice the difference.


Eggnog is one of those things you either love or hate. For the vegans who miss eggnog at Christmas, today is your lucky day. This fantastic Veggnog recipe tastes like the real thing.

Vegan gravy

If there is a vegan at your Christmas table and you don’t want them to feel left out, why not whip up some vegan gravy? It’s incredibly flavoursome and just as good as the real thing.

Classic veggie shepherd’s pie

If you are a vegan yourself and you are looking for a recipe that will satisfy your meat eating guests without compromising your values, this classic veggie shepherd’s pie is just what you need. This meal is incredibly rich and hearty and is bound to leave everyone feeling completely satisfied.

Tofu turkey

Switch out real turkey for this tofu turkey this Christmas. This recipe is healthy, vegan friendly and it tastes just as good as the real thing.

Pecan pudding

The vegan version of this sweet Christmas classic contains less sugar and fat then the original version. This will not only impress your vegan friends but also delight those who are trying to avoid those extra kilos over the holiday months.

Mince pies

Mince pies are a Christmas classic. If you’re a vegan you don’t have to miss out. This is a completely vegan mince pie recipe.


It’s not really Christmas without gingerbread. The good news is you don’t have to go without just because you are vegan. This recipe gives you an opportunity to show off your baking skills — cruelty free — with this incredible vegan gingerbread house.

Here are some vegetarian options for the BBQ as well.