Vegetarian cuisine is being reinvented

We’ve no longer got beef with an all vegetarian menu.

Roy Morgan Research suggests that between 2012 and 2016 the number of adults in Australia who agree that ‘the food I eat is all, or almost all, vegetarian’ increased from 1.7 million people to almost 2.1 million. This nationwide trend of those choosing to cut meat from their daily diets, has led to restaurants cutting meat from their menus entirely.

Those in the dining industry are becoming more health-conscious and more planet conscious with their menus and practices. Therefore, the adoption of the vegetarian menu is not about boycotting meat, it is about embracing good food that everybody can enjoy.

Diners are no longer hung-up on whether food is meat-free. They enjoy a barbecued charcoal burger, a crunchy beetroot bruschetta, some hearty sweet potato gnocchi, or delectable breakfast of eggs and lentils, and don’t even miss the meat they have come to expect.

This is not to say that everyone in Australia is going to go through the significant dietary change and become vegetarian. People are simply becoming more open to the ever increasing number of dining options available that just so happen to be meat-free.

There are still those that may argue a strictly vegetarian menu is restrictive and may hinder a restaurant’s potential for success. Owner of Two Chaps, Marrickville, Piero Pignatti Morano disputes that meat-free dining is detrimental to business, stating, “the most egalitarian thing you can cook is a vegan thing, everybody can eat it.”

The following are a few delicious cafes and restaurants in Brisbane serving up a meat-free menu:

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