Take advantage of garlic’s super powers

Garlic can do so much more than just add flavour to your cooking, as you can use it to treat a cold, athlete’s foot and many other ways.

Garlic is used in a variety of popular dishes such as pasta, roasts, marinades, focaccias and much more. However, the bulb can be used beyond cooking. Find out what other advantages garlic has around the house.

Health benefits

Studies show that garlic has specific properties that help your heart and liver, boost your metabolism of iron, prevent cancer, and fight against bacteria and viruses. With so many health benefits it is easy to understand why the plant is such a vital component of a healthy diet.

For many generations garlic has been used as a home remedy for the treatment of common colds. Although there is only a limited amount of research which backs these theories. Some studies do suggest garlic can help prevent winter ailments.

To recreate this home remedy, mince one clove and leave it to soak in hot water for 5 minutes. After straining the garlic out of the glass, drink it. Essentially it is like a natural cough syrup.

If you struggle with acne, garlic can clear up your complexion by cutting a glove in half and rubbing it over the affected area. The antibacterial properties help clear and clean your pores. This same process is effective with cold sores, although when you first apply the clove it may sting a little.

Similarly, garlic is known to clear fungus, making it a great product to help clear Athlete’s foot. Crush a couple cloves and place them in a foot bath filled with warm water. Allow the affected area to be soaked for half an hour before washing your feet off.

Pest control

Garlic is known to be a natural pesticide for your garden, so before you reach for those chemical products opt for a natural solution first.

If you plan on placing any part of the bulb outside, be mindful of your pets and other local animals as garlic can be very toxic for some animals. An occasional amount is not usually an issue, however, when eaten in high doses it can cause health issues.

Unusual uses

According to sources, garlic is a quick solution for repairing glass. Rub its sticky juice onto any hairline cracks on the glass. After wiping away excess liquid you will notice that the juice is a natural adhesive.

A pinch of garlic salt will help in de-icing surfaces like roads, sidewalks, and other similar areas.

Garlic is also a natural germ repellent. By combining 4 chopped up cloves in a spray bottle with white vinegar and lemon oil, you have a natural disinfectant spray.

Try pickling garlic and experiment with different herbs to take your cooking to a new level.