School lunch ideas

Transform school lunches with these trendy and easy recipes.

The task of making school lunches can feel endless. Often it can be hard to come up with new and exciting meals your kids you love and enjoy eating. Transform your child’s lunch box with some of these healthy lunch ideas.

Flatbread wrap bites

Transform a typical sandwich based lunch with these flatbread bites. Get creative with different, yet incredibly simple fillings. Simply take your favourite brand of wraps of flatbread, layout your desired fillings (like you would on a pizza) and wrap.

Some easy combinations include:

  • Ham and Swiss cheese with added mayonnaise
  • Chicken, cheddar cheese, lettuce, and either mayonnaise or mustard
  • Pepperoni slices with mozzarella cheese and your favourite pizza sauce (BBQ sauce or tomato paste)

Taco egg muffins

These muffins are really easy to make and are great additions to any lunch or rushed breakfast. You can prep and bake these muffins in less than 10 minutes and freeze extras for easy future meals.

The base recipe includes eggs mixed with cheese, ground beef, capsicum, spinach, shallots, and spices. This recipe is easy to modify, for example, it is easy to add more (or less) spices, add tomatoes or more vegetables such as corn, or more protein such as black beans. View the full recipe on A Cedar Spoon.

Bento-style lunches

By taking a basic lunch container and adding separators and silicone baking cups you can easily mimic a bento lunch layout. This style can help you ensure your family is reaching the optimal intake of fruit, vegetables, and grains.

This style has become increasingly popular amongst health food experts and mums on Instagram and Pinterest. Bento lunch suggestions on Wholefully combine a variety of items that amount to a themed lunch. For the more adventurous kids, these recipes are great. For the fussier child, these simple recipes may be more appropriate.

Whole wheat Caprese pasta

For families who are super active or kids who seem to have endless stomachs, this recipe is wholesome and more substantial than your typical packed lunch. This recipe includes all the ingredients you would want in a Caprese: tomatoes, basil, balsamic and mozzarella cheese.

This meal will only take 20 minutes to make an can be served hot or cold. This recipe is perfect for the whole family — even fussy eaters.

Or start the new school and working year by making a healthy green pasta part of your regular midweek meals.

If your household is always a little crazy during school mornings read some of these getting back to school tips to help you get organised.