The new juice brand that’s helping to save bees

The 'Beebnb' functions as a juice container and a bee-keeping space.

The new juice brand ‘Beebnb’ lets you turn juice containers into a hotel for bees. The drinks come in glass bottles packaged in a wooden six-pack.

Here’s the twist: rather than throwing the wooden container away after you’ve emptied its contents, you can turn the Beebnb box into a beehive.

After drinking the fresh fruit juices, you cut the provided straws into three equal pieces, stack them in the empty six-pack, and hang your new beehive in a sunny space outside.

The Beebnb is a small but important project, as bee populations around the world continue to dwindle. The product empowers individuals to do their part to help prevent the loss of bees, the consequences of which would be catastrophic for food production.

Watch this video to see the Beebnb in action.

Unfortunately, the Beebnb is not available in Australia just yet. You can keep up to date with the company on their website.