Meet the successful women winemakers

More women are living their dream working as winemakers in Australia.

The recent success of a number of female winemakers has demonstrated that, while they may still be in the minority, women have what it takes to make it big in the wine industry. These a just a few of the women blazing a trail.

Bernice Ong

After spending many successful years on the sales and marketing side of the wine industry, Bernice Ong took a leap of faith and started Ministry of Cloud with Julian Forward in 2014. So far the risk is more than paying off. The winery was named one of the top 10 new wineries of 2015. This exclusive wine is only available in the very best bars and restaurants around the country. Ms Ong is very active within the wine industry and says female winemakers are among the best in the nation.

“They have great palates and fabulous attention to detail,” she said.

Kathleen Quealy

Known as the Queen of Pinot Gris, Quealy has been big on the Australian winemaking scene since the early 1990s and is one of Australia’s most highly-regarded winemakers. Quealy spends most of her time at her vineyard on the Mornington Peninsula. She founded Quealy Wines 2004 and this year Quealy became the first woman to be awarded the prestigious Legend of the Vine award.

Selina Kelly

Selina Kelly’s love of the finer things in life is what directed her career towards the world of wine. Selina is now the proud owner of Bondar Wines, which was named Best New Winery at this year’s Halliday Wine Companion Awards. When asked about the driving force behind her decision to start a wine company, Selina Kelly explained it was her creative passion.

“Like artists, the driving force is the desire to create,” she said.

Sarah Crowe

Crowe is the senior hand at one of the country’s most revered traditional labels, Yarra Yerring. This year, Ms Crowe became the first woman to win the prestigious Halliday Wine Companion Wine Maker of the Year Award. Two of Ms Crowe’s reds scored an almost record-breaking 99/100 and four were marked 98/100. Sarah Crowe is credited as breathing new life into this very traditional wine company.