How to make summer fruit last longer

Summer fruits are one of the best things about this time of year, but how do you make them last longer.

Packed full of flavour and juice, you can’t beat fresh summer fruit, but the hot weather can beat it and cause the fruit to deteriorate rapidly. Here are some tips to help your fruit last longer.

Use your judgment when it comes to handling fruit that might be past its prime. Inspect fruit carefully, but don’t be overly concerned about blemishes as that’s how fruit is supposed to look in the real world, as against supermarket shelves.

For nectarines, peaches and other pitted fruits, cut out the blemished spot and as long as the rest looks clear, you can eat it at your leisure. Melons should be semi-firm when eaten. So if yours becomes soft and squishy on the inside or has any unpleasant odour, they are spoiling and you should toss it out.

In the case of berries, you may get a few fuzzy berries every once in a while, but you don’t have to discard the entire punnet. Simply remove any berries with a little mould, and enjoy the rest.

Try to store your fruit in the right place. Berries always go straight into the fridge. Melons and pitted fruits can be left in a fruit bowl until they are ripe, then transferred to the fridge if not eaten. Check for signs of ripeness. A little give when you touch the skin means it’s time to eat right away or transfer to the fridge. Also, wash fruit immediately before you eat it rather than when you purchase it.