Fun summer food trends

Instead of finding summer love at the beach, like Sandy and Danny, we’ve found a few summer treats that can be your hot new fling.

As summer rolls around, we say goodbye to comfort food and hello to the new trendy eats of the season. Keeping you covered from sweet to savoury, and healthy to naughty, this list of Instagram-worthy treats will have you hungry and ready to add to the stream of foods blowing up your newsfeed.

Poke bowl

Poke bowls are vibrant, delicious and fresh bowls made up of a base of rice, raw fish, and vegetable toppings of your choice. Typically the poke bowl will start with a bed of rice, is then topped with raw salmon or tuna, then fresh toppings like avocado, green onion, or roasted seaweed and often a sauce or marinade. Poke bowl makers are mixing up these traditional ingredients and making them with cooked chicken, tofu, and even zucchini noodles. Poke bowls are incredibly simple to make, and with the freshest ingredients can be a nutritious, fresh and hearty meal, without the heat.

Smoothie bowl

Change the way you have your morning smoothie, with a creative hand, your blender and a bowl. Blend up your favourite smoothie recipe and sprinkle it with sweet, nutty, and fruity toppings. Your smoothie will start your morning off bright and light, and fill you up longer, even though it looks almost too good to eat.

Doughnut ice cream sandwich

This remix on the classic ice cream sandwich gives you the best of both worlds. A scoop of ice cream sandwiched between a doughnut with your choice of mix-ins and toppings will change the way you eat ice cream all summer long. And you won’t have to choose between your favourite treats.

Sushi burrito

A sushi burrito is exactly what the name suggests: a burrito sized sushi roll for you to enjoy on the go. For the burrito lover, the sushi burrito is a fresh and tasty alternative during those warm summer months.

Dough cone

Dough cones are waffles that are cooked and rolled in cinnamon sugar, wrapped into a cone held with paper, and topped with a combination of ice cream, toppings, and extra treats. The original dough cone is the puffle cone, a puffed egg style waffle created in Hong Kong. But the Australian alternative doesn’t hold back, filling these doughnut waffle cones with anything from fruits, to lamingtons, the home favourite Monte Carlo biscuit, and even cookie dough.


Chilling out with a wine is a little chillier if your favourite summer wine is a slushie. Frosè has begun popping up all over town and is a cool, sweet, way to enjoy a glass of Rosè in the sun.