A guide to Queensland’s best boutique Breweries

In the last five years, craft brewing has taken off in Queensland. Here is a list of Queensland-based breweries, selling top quality, freshly brewed beer to keep you refreshed this summer.

Green Beacon

Green Beacon is well known around Brisbane as one of the key players in the city’s flourishing craft beer scene. Since tapping its first beer in 2013, Green Beacon has produced nothing but high-quality beer that impresses beer nerds and novices alike.

All Inn

This Brewery is favoured by many on the Brisbane beer scene. All Inn prides itself on creating only full-flavoured ales, free from additives, unfiltered, unpasteurised and finings free. The Brewing Bar is open from Thursday to Sunday when you can go in and enjoy their delicious beers first hand.

Brisbane Brewing Co

This brewery is only a couple of years old but has fast made a name for itself on the Brisbane beer scene. Located in the heart of Brisbane, this brewery is packed to capacity seven days a week with punters coming from far and wide to taste their fantastic beer, brewed right on site. You even have the unique opportunity to take some of the beer home with you in a growler.

Bacchus Brewing Co

For true beer nerds who are always on the lookout for a beer they haven’t tried, look no further than Bacchus Brewing. This microbrewery is famous for its fun, playful and experimental beers. The beer archive includes everything from a lamington flavoured beer, to a beer called ‘The Big Red’ which is infused with a whole chicken.

Burleigh Brewing Co

This brewing company has been around for a while and now sells its product throughout Queensland. The beers reflects the relaxed, summery aesthetics of the town in which it was born. This brewery prides itself on being a friendly and welcoming place for friends to hang out, relax and enjoy a freshly brewed beer. If you are visiting Burleigh, this place is well worth a visit.