The best games to play on Australia Day

Celebrate the laid-back Australian lifestyle by having a bit of fun playing these games.

This Australia Day, create some friendly competition and generate a few laughs by playing these ‘true blue’ Aussie games. These games are perfect for young and old, so everyone will be able to get out of their chair and join in.

Toss the thong

For this game, all you will need is chalk and thongs. There are two versions: you can score according to distance (whoever throws the furthest) or take the dartboard approach (requiring players to using their aiming skills). What makes this game so simple is everyone can use their own thongs making it easy keeping track of each player’s throws.

Backyard cricket

Are you the next Ricky Ponting, Shane Warne or Adam Gilchrist? This is the day to show off your hidden cricket talents to your friends and family in a game of backyard cricket. You may need to improvise with your stumps (a wheelie bin with chalk-drawn stumps works well) and if you don’t own a cricket ball, a baseball or tennis ball are easy substitutions.

Frisbee or football

A classic game of Frisbee or football is fun for all ages. Whether you’re at home, a local park or at the beach, this game is great for people of all ages. Add rules or goals to alter the game or to make it more competitive.

Eating competition

Organise an eating competition for you and your guest. The timeless game requires some kind of food or snack (usually doughnuts) being suspended on a piece of string and everyone competes to finish their snack first. Give it an Australia Day twist by using meat pies, cream doughnuts, vegemite toast or a Chiko roll. See who can devour these classic Aussie snacks without using their hands.

Keep the kids entertained while you host the perfect summer BBQ this Australia Day.