What is an RV Friendly Town?

When caravanning across Australia, exploring small towns can be just as exciting as visiting large cities.

An inventory of towns spread far and wide across Australia, the RV Friendly Towns list details small towns that offer services and amenities useful to caravanners.

The RV Friendly Town scheme is an initiative of the Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia and is a helpful way for caravanners to identify small towns to plan a stopover.

To qualify as an RV Friendly Town, a locality must offer a selection of services including:

  • A 24-hour medical service or pharmacy
  • A mechanic or service centre that can offer basic vehicle repairs
  • Access to a visitor information centre and a town map
  • Access to potable water and a dump point
  • Long-term parking available close to the town centre at a reasonable rate.

An RV Friendly Town will display a sign near its borders beside main entry routes into the town. A full list of towns in Queensland and across Australia can be found by clicking here.