Top tips for travelling with young children

When the kids have grown up and moved away from home, they will never forget the quality time they spent with their family.

Story: Cain and Karly Maitland

1. Take it slow

We believe this is the most important tip. When we travelled prior to having children, we took on some big adventures, driving sun up to sun down for weeks, even months, on end. If we didn’t adapt and change the way we travelled, it simply couldn’t be done.

When you travel with kids, you’re on their time — if you can’t accept that, things can become very difficult and even stressful. Fair enough though, kids sitting in the car for hours on end with nothing but pent-up energy isn’t going to end well unless you give them breaks.

2. Enjoy the time you have with each other

Exploration and adventure are experiences best shared with others — who better than your own children? Spending quality time together is what life is all about.

When the kids have grown up and moved, be assured they will seldom remember what they read on Facebook, or the video game they stared at for hours on end, but they will never forget the quality time they spent with their family. For us, there is little meaning to travelling at warp speed to get there and back just to say you did it, especially if no one is enjoying the journey.

3. Don’t be afraid to let your kids experience life

Kids are resilient and creative. Take away the computers, iPads, phones and Playstations and let them experience something real. A little dirt on their fingers and muddy boots won’t hurt anyone. It creates a lust for the outdoors and teaches them to appreciate nature. On the flipside, parents shouldn’t be afraid of spending time with their kids.

There will be difficult times, of course. Too often we hear people say they couldn’t bear to be cooped up with their kids for so long. I would say they need to change their frame of mind, and fast. Kids aren’t a burden, they are a gift. Don’t rush — enjoy the time with them and don’t put it off until it’s too late.

About Cain and Karly Maitland

Cain and Karly Maitland, with support from leading Australian luxury caravan manufacturer, Elite Caravans, sold their possessions, rented out their home and have set off to travel indefinitely in their Hume Series One Family Van with their two children, a two-year-old daughter and newborn baby.

Former full-time police officer, Cain, said he and his wife, who is a registered nurse, believe life is to be lived. The young couple has come to realise that money and objects come and go, but in the end, time is all we have.

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