The tiny, inexpensive airconditioning alternative for your caravan

Geizeer is an eco-friendly ice cooler that will cool your caravan and costs less than one cent a day to run.

Keeping your caravan cool need not cost you the earth. Sometimes, a simple solution can work as effectively as the most expensive options.

We’ve discussed traditional caravan airconditioning options previously, but this new release from Geizeer provides one at the lower end of the market.

Geizeer is a small, portable airconditioning unit made of wood, which makes sense as this material is a perfect thermal insulator. Inside the wooden cube you’ll find a replaceable ice pack, a rechargeable battery, and circuitry to drive a small fan.

The device works like many ice storage airconditioning units. The fan draws warm air through the top of the box, pushes it over the ice pack to chill, and then distributes the cooled air out through the side vents. Aside from its portability, the major difference with Geizeer is that it disperses cool air all around – not just in one direction. For this reason, the unit works best if placed in the centre of the room or caravan.

One unit can make a notable difference to the temperature in a regular caravan, but you might want to invest in two if you’ve got a large van.

The drawback of the device, as with all units of its kind, is that you need to have access to a freezer to chill the ice pack. It contains a special chemical mix that retains the cold for a long time, but the ice pack will eventually reach room temperature and need to be refrozen. Ideally, Geizeer should provide two ice packs with each unit so one can chill while the other is in use.

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