Take your caravan to Lake Keepit

Lake Keepit, near Tamworth in NSW, is a hidden gem for caravanners looking for somewhere different to relax.

Located about 40 minutes from Tamworth and only 25 minutes from Gunnedah, Lake Keepit Holiday Park is located on the banks of Lake Keepit.

The lake is about two-thirds the size of Sydney Harbour and offers caravan and camping sites, on-site tents and cabins.

If you have a boat, yacht, kayak or jet ski you can spend the day on the water. The lake is a water skier’s and sailor’s playground, as well as a famous spot for fishing. Try your luck catching the local varieties of Silver and Golden Perch (Yellow Belly), Murray Cod and even Catfish. There’s even a spot to gut and prepare your fish once ashore.

There are loads of family facilities including a waterpark for kids, a BMX track, hiking trails, skate bowl, playgrounds, tennis and volleyball courts and lots of spots for a BBQ or picnic.

There’s even a gliding club by the lake for those who wish to try gliding for the first time or take a joy flight. A cafe/shop operates from Wednesday to Sunday so you can stock up on food and other essentials. You also have access to fresh drinking water, a laundry, camp kitchen and the park is pet-friendly, though you need to book pets in advance by phone.

After dinner, you can roast marshmallows at the fire pit while making new friends. There’s plenty of bird life, including the local pelicans, as well as a colony of koalas so keep your camera at the ready. You’ll find so much to do you’ll want to extend your stay, so keep your timetable flexible when you visit.

Image courtesy of Lake Keepit Holiday Park.