Support local communities when caravanning

Here are some ways you can do your bit for local economies when passing through on your next caravanning adventure.

When passing through small regional towns and communities, it is worth remembering that these towns rely on tourism to keep afloat. Making a small contribution won’t do too much damage to your back pocket, but will contribute significantly to the local economy.

Fill up in town

While it might save you a few cents here and there to fill up on petrol in a major city, filling up  at a locally owned station will go a lot further in supporting the local community. On your next caravanning adventure, take the opportunity to fill up on petrol at small local stations where your money will go a long way in supporting the local economy community.

Stop in for lunch at the pub

What could be more charming than a small local pub in a regional town? This is where you can meet the true characters of the Aussie bush and outback. Local pubs in regional towns are often the very heart of the town’s social scene. When passing through a town that has a locally owned pub, stop in for a pub lunch. Not only will you be supporting a local business, the experience itself will be well worth your money. You’ll see and meet all kinds of characters who might just have some stories to share if you are willing to ask. And if you’re looking to stock up on your beer or wine, use the pub’s bottle shop too.

Stock up at local supermarket

Coles and Woolies may have competitive prices but locally owned grocery stores and markets have heart and character. Plus, when buying produce it’s good to know the face behind the product. Local fruit and veggies will have far fewer pesticides than produce in larger supermarket chains, so it’s well worth paying a little bit extra.

Attend local events

What could be more fun than attending a small town event like a fair or local football game? Get the lowdown from some locals when passing through to see what fun and unique local events you might be able to support. Who knows you could have rolled into town just in time for the biggest event of the year. Join in the fun and enthusiasm and support the local community.